Bill Martin, LCSW

This site is dedicated to research and ideas to help improve relationships.

I work with a lot of couples, especially younger couples looking to make a deeper commitment to each other or married couples who want to fight less and have more intimacy.

I have been married since 1982 and am the parent of a successful adult child.

So, not only am well-trained and experienced,  I also have the personal experience of dealing with both the joys and challenges of intimate family relationships.

I am on the faculty of the Chicago Center for Family Health and a former visiting lecturer at the University of Chicago School of Social Service Administration where I taught a course on Adolescence and Family Therapy.

In addition to my therapy practice and writing, I offer workshops for professionals and the general community on trauma and other psychological topics.

I’m a life-long athlete and am very interested in the integration of yoga, meditation, guided imagery and other body-centered therapy in the healing of trauma.

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  1. Dear Mr. Martin:

    My name is Tranette Williams and I’m the owner of a massage and wellness studio on Chicago’s north side. I’m writing to you today to introduce my new couples massage workshop series. The class is designed to be a tool for couples to bring more loving, therapeutic touch to their relationships. I believe that physical contact is very much needed in creating and maintaining healthy, interpersonal relationships. It is a way to non-verbally communicate feelings of comfort, trust and affection. I’m hoping that with this class to make the participants more aware of the importance of, and more comfortable with giving and receiving positive touch.

    Massage therapy is an excellent way to receive all of the mental and emotional benefits that touch has to offer. It has the added physical benefits of relieving the stress, pain and discomfort that are part of daily life. This class will equip couples with the basic techniques to provide caring, healing touch for their partners without overtaxing themselves. The need for open communication will also be stressed during the class. Participants will be encouraged to give constructive feedback to their partners about the treatment. This is also something that would, ideally, transfer over to strengthen the communication aspect of their relationships.

    The workshop could be utilized by your clients who are looking to connect on a deeper level, strengthen their bonds or add a new activity to their old routine. The class sizes are kept small and the series is broken into 2 parts so that couples get lots of personal attention from the instructor. The class is completely hands-on affords both partners an equal amount of time giving and receiving massage.

    I have provided a link that gives a brief description of the workshop breakdown and all the details of the event.

    Thank you for your time and I hope that this information is useful to you and your clients.

    Tranette Williams, LMT, NCBTMB

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