Bill Martin, LCSW

This site is dedicated to research and ideas to help improve relationships.

I work with a lot of couples, especially younger couples looking to make a deeper commitment to each other or married couples who want to fight less and have more intimacy.

I have been married since 1982 and am the parent of a successful adult child.

So, not only am well-trained and experienced,  I also have the personal experience of dealing with both the joys and challenges of intimate family relationships.

I am on the faculty of the Chicago Center for Family Health and a former visiting lecturer at the University of Chicago School of Social Service Administration where I taught a course on Adolescence and Family Therapy.

In addition to my therapy practice and writing, I offer workshops for professionals and the general community on trauma and other psychological topics.

I’m a life-long athlete and am very interested in the integration of yoga, meditation, guided imagery and other body-centered therapy in the healing of trauma.

A picture of my office:


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