Psychotherapy with Men

Watch my introduction video here.

My clinical work:

I work primarily with men who have been abused, especially sexual abuse as children and have serious mental health issues.


I also work with couples.

Watch my brief video on couples therapy here.


My success as a couples therapist is based on my unique method of

1.  Teaching research proven listening and speaking skills

2.  Using state of the art Prepare and Enrich relationship evaluation and workbook to accomplish short and long-term goals

3.  Encouraging both partners to be in individual counseling to enhance the effectiveness of the couples counseling


Typical concerns of our clients include:

“My spouse or partner and I fight a lot or avoid each other.”

“I am having a hard time recovering from a divorce or relationship break-up”.

“I’m anxious and afraid a lot.”

“My spouse or partner told me to get help or they would leave me.”

“I need help dealing with my spouse or partner’s alcohol and/or substance abuse.”


Along with helping couples in conflict in Chicago, my other areas of specialization include:

  • adult men who were sexually abused as children and/or adolescents
  • individuals with depression, anxiety, &  substance abuse recovery
  • younger couples dealing with commitment issues, communication problems and escalating fights
  • complex mood disorders